Affiliate Programs

The Romeoville Area Chamber of Commerce has formed strategic partnerships with the goal of bringing cost-saving benefits to you as part of your Chamber membership.

See how the RACC partnerships with these providers will save you on everyday business expenses.

RACC is honored to bring you the following alliances:

dacoit energy services

DaCott Energy Services

Stop paying too much for utility services! Join the Chamber Cooperative Today! 

The Romeoville Area Chamber of Commerce offers its members an opportunity to save 25% to 40% on average on electric utility rates compared to current ComEd pricing. In addition, our clients are saving 15% or more compared to current third-party retail pricing. If you are currently under contract with a retailer, we can accept your information and work with you to begin saving what you deserve to save once your current contract expires.

If you are currently with ComEd you can begin saving on your electric costs right away! Don’t delay, call us and we can begin helping you improve your bottom line by your next billing cycle. In addition to electric services, we will also work with you on your natural gas expenses. Same process, similar savings.

Concerned about subsidizing other users? Don’t be. With the help of our consultant, DaCott Energy Services, we have designed an aggregation process unlike any other program in the market. Each contract is individually structured but uses the benefit of the aggregated group for pricing and margin reductions. With our “open enrollment” process, new companies are added on every day, but still receiving the benefit of those under contract before them. Also, if you are a “large user” of electricity, our consultant will provide individualized risk management services as part of the contract at no additional cost. Our goal is simple. Save you money on a product you have to have, and show you why Romeoville is the best place for business.

This program doesn’t just stop at Romeoville. Enrollment in the cooperative is open to any business in a de-regulated state as long as you are a member of the Romeoville Area Chamber of Commerce.