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Tramco Pump Company

Location: Romeoville
Position: Manufacturing – Assembly Pumps
Status: Full-Time with benefits

Description: Assemble pumps and pumping systems. Electrical and layout experience a plus.

– Print reading and welding experience
– Ability to communicate in English (read, write, speak)
– Able to lift 60 lbs
– Ability to work on your feet all day
– Have your own hand tools
– Have a high school diploma or GED

Contact: (No phone calls please)
Date Posted: 8/1/18



POSITION:  Refrigeration Technician Valid Feb. 2018 until filled.
DEPARTMENT: Maintenance

STATUS: Full-Time, Hourly

REPORTS TO: Refrigeration Manager CONTACT: 

Derrick Coleman | Rich Products Corporation

Human Resources

Phone: 815. 773.4742 |Fax: 815.729.4543 |


LOCATION: Crest Hill, IL APPROVED BY:  Human Resources




Accomplish the continuous effective freezing and frozen storage of food products and ingredient materials and cooling of the physical plant buildings through the effective and efficient operation, maintenance, and repair of all plant ammonia and nitrogen refrigeration systems and associated freezers, air conditioning, and chilled water systems. The scope of this position will include actual operation of the various systems, preventive maintenance, and mechanical and electrical repair. Contribute to the profit and well-being of the Company by performing tasks in a safe, efficient, quality-conscious, and cost-conscious manner and by working in a cooperative manner with his/her supervisor and co-workers.


Using prior training and application of that training to specific Company equipment, maintains and repairs assigned machine systems. Performs specific preventive maintenance, operating, mechanical and electrical repair, troubleshooting, and other tasks and techniques to keep equipment in operational condition to meet production and storage needs. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • keeping logs and other information on operating results and problems
  • analyzing information to determine preventive maintenance plan
  • troubleshooting problems to appropriate solution and physically repairing equipment
  • using common maintenance hand tools and specialty tools to repair and maintain equipment
  • inspecting equipment by sight and sound, and reading gauges and other measuring devices on a routine basis to assure optimum operating condition
  • reading equipment manuals, blueprints and other sources of information to build knowledge and assure appropriate operation and repair of equipment
  • ordering parts and supplies to maintain equipment
  • rebuilding equipment
  • maintaining all work areas in a clean manner in line with plant requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices, including sweeping debris off the floor, picking it up and placing it in the proper waste container, disposing of paper, plastic or other packaging material into the proper trash container, pushing trash carts or carrying tubs of waste materials to proper disposal area, using a low-pressure water hose to wash down work areas (consistent with plant waste water and sanitation policies), or using a rubber squeegee to push water off the floor toward and down floor drains
  • Applies all safe work practices and uses all personal safety equipment required in performing tasks to assure his/her own safety and that of co-workers; works in a safe manner at all times; performs tasks within guidelines of good maintenance techniques and applicable codes.
  • Applies all GMP requirements, both personal hygiene and housekeeping, associated with these tasks. Keeps work area clean at all times, in line with plant procedures on housekeeping, waste water, and solids management.
  • Applies all product safety and quality requirements associated with the process at assigned positions.
  • Identifies problems associated with assigned systems on an on-going basis through collection of data, tracking downtime, and personal inspection and determines if solution is within his/her training and knowledge; if so, corrects problem; if not or if not sure, communicates to appropriate resource and resolves with the help of this resource. Knows who these resources are.
  • Develops and maintains a good working relationship with Team Coordinator and other managers, team members, and other co-workers. Resolves problems and conflicts in an acceptable manner that shows respect for the other person(s).
  • Cooperates and shows commitment to team goals and efforts; attends team meetings and participates in them to the best of his/her ability.
  • Works to understand (primarily via the gain sharing plan and team meetings) overall impact of his/her job on team productivity and plant profitability; maintains high level of personal productivity and contributes suggestions for work process improvements to Team Coordinator or at team meetings.
  • Follows plant rules and policies and Company code of ethics in performing job.
  • Assists in orienting and/or training other team members on assigned tasks as requested.
  • Uses electrical, pipe fitting, pneumatics, and hydraulics skills to assist or support other maintenance technicians as time allows or plant needs require.

Experience maintaining an industrial ammonia refrigeration system, including vacuum systems, screw compressors, blast freezers, storage freezers, condensers and chilled water cooling systems required; experience in maintaining nitrogen flash freezers and Reco and Frigoscandia brand freezers highly desired; electrical, pipe fitting, hydraulics, and pneumatics experience in the course of mechanical experience desired.

Basic business requirements such as attendance, punctuality, good work habits, good personal hygiene; basic education in communication, reading, and arithmetic such as would be learned in high school; specific technical training in (1) the theory of ammonia refrigeration and nitrogen freezing systems and (2) the mechanical and electrical maintenance of industrial-sized refrigeration systems; microprocessors; 110, 120, 220, and 480 Volt 3-phase AC electricity; pipe cutting, threading, fitting; conduit installation; wiring; pneumatics; hydraulics.

Thoroughly skilled in all aspects of the mechanical and electrical maintenance of industrial food freezing systems; ability to read technical manuals and blueprints and apply to learning specific Company systems; follow policies and rules; effectively communicate with peers and superiors; work in a safe and efficient manner; work effectively with other people in a work group or team; ability to analyze work requirements, make a work plan and accomplish tasks without constant supervision; ability to provide leadership to others working on similar tasks.


The persons performing these tasks will be working at floor level on concrete floors coated with a slip-resistant compound; standing on perforated metal platforms; climbing equipment or ladders; ascending to roof; crawling under equipment; entering and working in freezers, compressor room, other indoor areas of the plant, and outdoors to perform inspections, maintenance and repairs. They must carry hand tools and be able to use these as well as specialty tools to perform tasks. They must be able to reach overhead, routinely lift up to 30 pounds of parts and supplies, occasionally lifting up to 50 pounds of parts and supplies, and work in pairs when required to lift some motors, etc., that may weigh up to 100 pounds. They must be able to apply the force required to remove or tighten fasteners that hold machinery together.




POSITION: Maintenance Apprentice  
DEPARTMENT: Maintenance

STATUS: Full-Time, Hourly

REPORTS TO: Maintenance Team Leader CONTACT: 

Derrick Coleman | Rich Products Corporation

Human Resources

Phone: 815. 773.4742 |Fax: 815.729.4543 |


LOCATION: Crest Hill, IL VALID FEBRUARY 2018 until Filled. 




Mechanic is responsible for the safe maintenance, repair and service of all plant wide equipment and systems. And to ensure maximum production quality and efficiency, while supporting the various policies, goals and objectives of Rich Product Corporation.


  1. Maintains equipment to all specifications relating to electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, and troubleshooting in a team operation.

General knowledge and skills

  • Must be able to demonstrate mechanical ability and skills and carry out daily maintenance activities, plant rounds, preventative maintenance, plant calls and continual improvement assignments. Must have a solid electrical background, PLC troubleshooting a plus.
  • Must have general maintenance troubleshooting skills and equipment component knowledge to properly diagnose equipment failures.
  • Must understand proper lubrication practices of bearings, chains, and gearboxes.
  • Must be capable of using all shop and hand tools and equipment in a safe and proper manner
  • Must be able to perform all assigned equipment service in a professional manner and follow instructions.
  • Must be able to follow, understand and utilize work logs, breakdown reports, work orders and preventive maintenance logs.


Electrical Skills


  • Must meet or exceed the following electrical requirements
  • Demonstrate the ability to use a voltmeter properly to identify voltage, amperage and resistance of an electrical circuit.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and utilize electrical schematics to diagnose electrical problems.
  • Demonstrate ability to properly electrically disconnect and reconnect DC, AC, motion control and Wye-Delta Motors.


Mechanical Skills


  • Able to distinguish and identify chain, sprockets, gearbox types and belts.
  • Able to identify shaft sizes and material of construction.
  • Able to identify and distinguish bolts and nuts sizes, applications and material of construction.
  • Able to identify basic equipment parts and components for job assignments.
  • Capable of tracking product conveyor belts
  • Perform effective preventive maintenance on equipment with minimal supervision.


Welding Skills


  • Demonstrate basic ability to weld metal, stick, or Heliarc.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform basic copper soldering
  • Demonstrate the proper use of oxy/acetylene torch in cutting and brazing.


Refrigeration Skills


  • Demonstrate basic refrigeration comprehension and understanding of refrigeration fundamentals, components and their functions.


Other requirements


·        Maintains good attendance and punctuality.  Follows established work schedule.

·        Must have excellent communication skills both oral and written.

·        Maintain a positive and respectful attitude; cooperate with co-workers, management, internal and external customers, as applicable.  Reports any incidents of harassment to his Supervisor or Human Resources Manager.

·        Must be able to take direction and follow instructions

·        Must work safely at all times and report any unsafe conditions or injuries to Team Leader or Safety Manager immediately.

·        Must be willing to comply with other duties, assigned by management.

·        3-5 years’ experience working with industrial equipment

·        High School Graduate or GED

  • Must be able to provide personnel tools to perform all assigned maintenance tasks.



  1. Must be able to regularly lift and or move up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift and or move 50 pounds.
  2. Must be able to work on ladders, scissor lifts, scaffolding and other high precarious places safely and effectively.
  3. Must be able to work around electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and thermodynamic equipment safely.